Tuesday, 19 January 2010

*A sucker punch is a blow made without warning, allowing no time for preparation or defense on the part of the recipient.

at roughly 8.15pm on sunday the 17th of january 2010, reality sucker-punched* me square in the jaw, i looked up to see a crowd of faces all looking on, none realising what i was going through. a wave of nervousness cruised through my body as i realised i was in bristol, holding my bass and was about a minute through the first song of our set, i must have been away from conciousness for about 5 seconds and somehow had managed to go into auto-pilot and play through this short lapse of brain to body activity, i regained my bearings and played out the song, it would seem that the moment passed over unnoticed, I took a healthy swig of Black Sheep ale calmed myself and continued with the set.

no point worrying about it right? i mean, i know full well it came because of two days of good time partying and only three hours sleep thanks to late night phonecalls and general excitement to do with said partying and phonecalls!

Leamington Spa was a gas! Lichfield was a hoot and Bristol was a blast, this past weekend was one of the most fun i've had in a while, even if it nearly killed me in the process! i had the fortune of seeing some incredible bands and hanging with some incredible friends, i'd like to thank each and every person i came into contact with for making the entrance into my 27th year a bloody good one! special thanks to roo and hamish for seeming genuinley concerned for my well being later on the sunday!

this here blog is a slight result of the boredom that followed my day off work (yeah i called in sick!) i hope to use it to chronical the wierd and wonderful that occurs as i stroll through life, i doubt there will be any structure to it, i'm sure some of it will be witty and well written, however i'm equally sure some of it will be dull as hell and written like a four year old! ah well, it'll helpme get some of the mental out anyway x

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